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14,000 # ( 12 foot diameter) of Hot Rolled Steel....Great job ETA FAbrication!!!
ETA Fabrication builds more than just dust collectors for ETA Engineering customers.  Since our building expansion back in 2016, ETA Fabrication has added capabilities to build duct work and large silos.  The silo in this picture will be used for a hydrated lime feeder system for the aluminum industry.  


ETA Fabrication Expansion


ETA Fabrication has expanded!!!  Additional production floor space and a second paint booth bring square footage to roughly 42,000.  That's nearly double the original space.  The added floor space will improve and streamline the process flow in the shop.  One bay will be dedicated to build dust collectors.  The other bay will be set up to fabricate structural steel, platforms, ladders and stairs, ductwork, hoods, fan inlet boxes and other miscellaneous fabrication. 
ETA Fabrication has been a dedicated shop to ETA Engineering since it was started in 1991.  This expansion will facilitate new fabrication customers outside of the engineering office.
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Fabricating a Discharge Stack
Here is the start of something big!
Another view!
Section 1 coming out of the fabrication shop. 12 foot diameter!
Section 1 getting ready for sand blasting.  37 feet long.
Section 1 painted!  54,000#!
The ETA crane in action with section 1. 
Section 1 leaving.  37 feet.  54,000#
New home for section 1. 
Section 2 leaving.  38,000#.  37 feet. 
Section 2 getting in place. 
Section 3 out of the paint booth!  32,000#.  
Section 3 leaving.  41.8 feet. 
Section 4 hitting the road.  23,000 # and 41.8 feet. 
Section 4 getting installed. 
Section 5 ready to leave the fabrication shop yard.  20,000 #.
Section 5 is going up!
Section 5 going up..........from a distance!
Great job ETA Fabrication!!!
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