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Busy Morning
Busy morning at ETA Engineering & Fabrication. 
Heading South Today
Custom designed pulse type collector with top access (walk-in plenum) 4,000 ACFM.  One of four units heading south today.
Pieces & Parts
A busy cloudy day at ETA - moving steel pieces & parts on down the road to our customers.
2022 Golf Outing
Great day with teammates from ETA Engineering, ETA Fabrication and ETA Install - golf fun, food and prizes!!!!
Another Air Cooler!
Another air to air cooler on the way to our customer.  Great job ETA Fabrication.
Out of the paint booth and on the road! 
It's out of the paint booth!!!
Inlet Header
Inlet header (10.5 feet in diameter) heading to a steel mill
Happy Earth Day!
Recycle, reduce, reuse..........
Installation of the cyclone dust collector.  Great job ETA team - ETA Engineering, ETA Fabrication and ETA Install !!!!
ETA builds more than just pulse jet dust collectors.  Here is a cyclone built in our fab shop and is shipping out today to our customer in the recycling industry.
See what is going through our fabrication shop?  Wait for the final product!!!
10 Year Service Awards
10 year service awards: left to right - Gary Reichhart, Pam Crager, Isaac Baldwin and Tom Conley.  Presented by ETA President Jamison Thompson.
WIP Bin Vents
Three walk in plenum bin vent dust collectors headed for the cement industry.
Stainless Steel Hopper
Sunny day at ETA Fabrication.  Stainless steel hopper moving on out.....
This Week
This week- work in progress!
A BIG Hood!
A specialty rotary furnace hood to be exact.

Your facility's ventilation system will pull the air and remove the contaminants into the hood and away from the source or worker.  It is important to work with a ventilation expert to ensure proper airflow or capture velocity to reduce emissions properly.  ETA Engineering can help.

ETA Engineering will evaluate your process and then engineer your hood.  ETA Fabrication will fabricate your hood.  ETA Install Group will install that perfect hood that WILL control emissions in your facility.  Whether your facility needs a hood for close capture induction melt, inoculation, mold line, specialty canopy or specialty grinding.

ETA Engineering and ETA Fabrication can assist.
Custom Hoods
Another busy week at ETA Engineering and ETA Fabrication!  4 custom hoods heading to our customer.
More Beams!
Yes!  More steel beams ready to roll......
Need help with your structural steel projects, engineering, or industrial ventilation....
Contact ETA today!
Busy Day!
Busy day in the yard..........and it is NOT dust collectors today.  Over 200 beams headed east.
Beams Headed to NY
(36) W33 x 118 long canopy main beams headed to New York.
14,000 # (12 foot diameter) of Hot Rolled Steel
ETA Fabrication builds more than just dust collectors.  Since our building expansion back in 2016, ETA Fabrication has added capabilities to build duct work and large silos.  The silo in this picture will be used for a hydrated lime feeder system in the aluminum industry.
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